Project Description

Friends of Merkur

Smart customer flow analysis with targeted communication

With the help of proximity technologies such as iBeacons and Geofences, Merkur is able to know its customers better and analyze their behavior in the shopping mall. Where are hotspots or coldspots in the market, which routes do customers take on site and how long do they stay in which department?

Based on this anonymous information, a targeted communication can be established, which can greatly improve the shopping experience and customer satisfaction.

For customers, this innovative approach to receiving product information, coupons and surveys is extremely. In the course of this project, we equipped 13 Merkur branches in Vienna with appropriate hardware and mapped them in our MEPP system.

Currently you will find the Beacon Service in these MERKUR stores::

MERKUR Hoher Markt
MERKUR Markt, Landstraßer Hauptstraße
MERKUR Markt, Swatoschgasse
MERKUR Markt, Breitenfurterstraße
MERKUR Markt, Gablenzgasse
MERKUR Markt, Spetterbrücke
MERKUR Markt, Laxenburgerstraße
MERKUR Markt, Muthgasse
MERKUR Markt, Pragerstraße
MERKUR Markt, Brunn am Gebirge
MERKUR Markt, Maria Hilferstraße
MERKUR Markt, Sterngasse