Project Description


Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA)

MAXApp is the perfect complement to the qualitative data analysis software MAXQDA (Windows & Mac OS X). MAXApp is a field research app that lets you take notes and record observations and thoughts on the go. Perfect for field work, the application lets you create text documents and audio recordings or import photos and videos. Add codes or memos and link them to geo-information from the place you are currently at. The collected data can then easily be transferred via Dropbox or USB cable to your computer and then to MAXQDA.

While collecting data, the app allows you to encode your notes. In addition to the usual encoding via text, MAXApp allows you to access the non-verbal classification of the innovative emoticode system: choose from more than 300 emoticons and symbols to mark entire documents, text excerpts or multimedia files. This encoding method was developed specifically for on-the-go use, making it as easy as possible to record interviews in the field, document the environment or post-process daily research.