Project Description

IQ Mobile App

Showcases & company information

The app offers numerous services and scores with a user-friendly operation. Four sections – IQ mobile, social media & feeds, references and live cases – provide an overview of IQ Mobile services

The first category initially contains further information on IQ mobile, the business areas, services and competences. In addition, the user can sign up for the newsletter or contact employees via the click2mail or click2-call function. Also information on job and career opportunities are listed here.

The second section provides quick access to the blog as well as to all social media channels and feeds such as Facebook and Twitter. Like and share, such as blog posts, is desired and possible by clicking on the respective button.

In the third category, there are numerous references and show cases, the applications around beacons, app management, push notifications, ticketing or couponing. Mobile strategies at a glance!

Another feature are Live Cases, which make the app even more versatile: classic or location triggered push messages can be placed within an IQ mobile office. Upon entering the office, beacon technology is followed by further up-to-date information – provided the user has activated the settings. The function “My IQ Wallet” offers the possibility to play tickets or vouchers via the app and use them on the go. Push notifications also display information on wearables such as an Apple or Android Watch. A QR Reader is also integrated here.

  • iOS (iPhone) und Android App

  • SmartWatch App (AppleWatch, WearOS)

  • Location Framework (iBeacons, Eddystone, Nearspeak)