Project Description

FireFighting Missions Upper Austria



The siren howls, but what’s up?

With the FireFighter App for Upper Austria your phone automatically retrieves the most important information about firefighting such as mission type, alert level, alarmed fire departments, mission address and mission coordinates all as a “push message” in the top Message area of ​​your mobile phone. So you know what’s going on!
A complicated opening of a web browser or an app is no longer necessary. The data comes to you quickly and automatically as soon as a mission comes in.
AIn addition, you will find in the app, even if there is no mission on going, always the most important information about the current operations throughout Upper Austria. With comprehensive and accurate statistics, graphics, maps, mission histories, and mission reports, you are always up to date and better at assessing hazardous situations.
Download the app now and be always TOP INFORMED
*Available for Android & iOS*