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New Office @7brunnen space

2015-09-17T16:48:41+02:00September 17th, 2015|Allgemein|

With growth in focus, Mopius moved the office to 7Brunnen.space. Famous names are located here as well.... Runtastic, allaboutapps, tourradar... 7Brunnen is an incubator for idea-stage and early-stage startups.  We are most intrigued by Bitcoin, [...]

Nearspeak 1.0 released

2015-07-21T17:55:52+02:00Juli 21st, 2015|Allgemein|

Mopius today released the first version of the Nearspeak Software Development Kits (SDK). With the Nearspeak SDK developers are able to develop much faster and more powerful apps for people with visual limited capabilities. The Nearspeak [...]

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