At the 2017 Industry meets Makers Pass, Nokia was looking for innovative IoT and Smart City app solutions that can be developed with its in-house horizontal IoT developer platform Impact , focusing on traffic monitoring, environmental monitoring, elderly monitoring and eHealth. We introduced our solution to eHeath.

Low doses of UV radiation can be beneficial to health, but excessive absorption of this radiation can cause sunburn and is associated with various types of skin cancer, accelerated skin aging, cataracts and other eye diseases. Furthermore, many factors such as location, altitude, reflections, etc. influence the UV intensity in the immediate area. Because of this, it is not always advisable to rely only on the UV index of the measuring stations, which may be far from the current location. In addition, people react differently to sunlight. The UVlower offers each user valuable information and advice on an individual basis and based on the solar radiation currently measured at the location.

The UVlower is a connected smart device that measures the ultraviolet (UV) radiation of sunlight in real time at one location.

Connected to a smartphone or tablet, the UVlower detects and displays the current UV index (UVI) on the mobile phone display. In addition, the UVlower calculates the length of time, on the basis of the skin type, in which the persons may be exposed to the current solar radiation. It also takes into account the applied sunscreen cream. Accordingly, the UVlower warns users in time of sunburn and associated health effects. The UVlower is an optimal tool for the protection of people with plenty of sunlight, as well as for those who are on the “search for the sun” during their free time. With regard to sunburn, the UVlower is particularly useful for infants, toddlers and adults with sensitive skin. The UVlower transmits the measured data via Bluetooth, 3G / LTE, NB-IoT or LoRa. These measured data can be received and processed by common smartphones (iOS and Android) and the UVlower comes out completely without external power supply.
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