Innovative app allows self-determination and accessibility in restaurants
Press release for the press conference in Vienna, June 7, 2017, 10:30 am.

MenuSpeak is an accessible and multilingual menu app that simplifies food and beverage choices in restaurants and cafés. The audiovisual presentation of menus in more than 54 languages ​​allows catering establishments to overcome visual and language barriers for visually impaired and international guests.

Inclusion through innovation
Many everyday situations are a challenge for people with limited vision because information is predominantly visual. For example, reading a menu often presents a barrier. In order to overcome this, Mopius Mobile GmbH has developed the free App MenuSpeak in cooperation with the Hilfsgemeinschaft der Blinden und Sehschwachen in Austria. For the more than 318,000 visually impaired people in Austria, this creates the opportunity to place orders in restaurants self-determined and technology-supported.

User interface MenuSpeak

No isolated solution: added value for all guests
Klaus Höckner, board member of the Hilfsgemeinschaft: “MenuSpeak is an example of how new technologies, sensibly used, can contribute to inclusion. Fortunately, this is not an isolated solution for visually impaired people, but a meaningful extension of the service offer for all guests. ”

The smartphone app recognizes the location based on the installed in the local Bluetooth transmitter, so-called iBeacons, automatically displays the menu in the language of the user and reads them on request. Food and drinks can be added to the cart and then displayed to the service staff again in his language to order. This also improves the communication between waiters and foreign-speaking guests.

Karl Pletschko, Managing Director of Mopius: “MenuSpeak combines state-of-the-art speech and sensor technologies on smartphones to overcome the visual and linguistic barriers of analogue menus. The audiovisual presentation in more than 54 languages ​​benefits not only visually impaired people but also non-disabled people and tourists. The digitization in tourism also relieves the service staff. ”

MenuSpeak is currently available at the following Viennese establishments: Hard Rock Cafe Vienna, Café Prückel, Hotel Zeitgeist, Grand Hotel Wien, the Turm, Wienerwaldhof, Renaissance Vienna Hotel, Café Wien Group with the cafés Landtmann, Mozart, Museum, Hofburg and others.

Improvement of customer service

Ally Novgorodtseva, Marketing and Sales Hard Rock Cafe Vienna: “The” rockiest address “in Vienna stands for musical and culinary experiences that people like to remember, as well as great customer service. We are excited to partner with “Mopius” – this new audio app allows us to provide our guests with the Hard Rock Cafe menu in over 54 languages. Especially for our international audience, this service is a great advantage. Together with our existing menu in braille, the app also serves as a support for visually impaired. ”

Test users are looking forward to more independence

To optimize the barrier-free user experience, Mopius app experts regularly received feedback from more than 25 visually-impaired smartphone users. iOS user Daniele Marano and the blind Android user Wolfgang Kremser are enthusiastic about the resulting solution. The users agree that MenuSpeak’s offer makes a valuable step towards a more independent life for visually impaired and blind people.

Android, iPhone and iPad users can download MenuSpeak for free at the following links:

Google Play Store

App Store

Further information:

The developers of MenuSpeak

Mopius develops high-quality mobile solutions for all market-relevant platforms. The start-up specializes in native app development with proximity technologies such as NFC, iBeacons, Bluetooth and GPS and has received numerous national and international awards. Since 1 June 2017, Mopius has been part of the A1 Start Up Campus and will be supported in the efficient further development of its business ideas.

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