Starting 29th of September 2015,, Wayfindr, Blindquare an others, initiated the first global challenge of Beaconsforgood.  The Program for developers and nonprofit organizations to help the use of beacons for people in need all around the world. Good Causes need Good People to succeed. We will become one! Each quarter, donates up to 100 beacons to a charity or charities that have great ideas and a great plan to make a difference with beacons.We applied for the first challenge and luckily we got selected for the final jury yesterday 10th Dec….and the winner is……..AudiblEye and Nearspeak!! In 2016 we are going to roll out the speaking menu card together with the Community of visually impaired people and the camber of commerce vienna to selected restaurants who are going to offer the speaking menu card as a service their customers. 

If you want to watch the final there is a recorded hangout session available on Youtube.