With growth in focus, Mopius moved the office to 7Brunnen.space. Famous names are located here as well…. Runtastic, allaboutapps, tourradar…

7Brunnen is an incubator for idea-stage and early-stage startups.  We are most intrigued by Bitcoin, Drones, Foodtech, IoT, AI, Security. At 7Brunnen we help entrepreneurs focus on MVP and get to the first sale is short order.  A team of experienced people and an ecosystem around them enables co-founders to focus by removing the noise around them created by ancillary activites that although needed, are distracting and produce little added value towards building and selling a product.

At 7Brunnen we believe Central Europe has a huge potential, but also lacks a culture of hustle and communication that is fundamental to success.  We bring together the experience and the might to support co-founders choose the straight path to successful initial sales.

We welcome startups in our large space. It’s divided in offices of various sizes. You can have a whole office or share one. We believe in simplicity so we also share everything else.

New Address:
Siebenbrunnengasse 17, A-1050
Vienna, Austria