Easily parse and create NFC tags that contain standard-based NDEF messages.


Near Field Communication (NFC) connects mobile devices over a short distance: through a simple tap of two smartphones, you can transfer data like business cards or photos or connect your phone with accessories like headsets.

To ensure the smooth data exchange between different manufacturers and operating systems, technical standards are necessary. However, not all systems always integrate with each other.

Therefore, Mopius has developed an intelligent library for NFC apps. The open source library combines many essential application scenarios according to standards. This ensures the interoperability between mobile devices and apps.


The NDEF library is licensed under LGPL 2.1, the demo applications under GPL 3.0.

The full source code and documentation is available on GitHub.




Mopius want to thank the Netidee initiative of the Internet Foundation Austria for partially funding the open source development of the NFC library.