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  • netidee-logo_RGB

NFC/NDEF Library – Video Action

The open source C# and JavaScript library for NDEF / NFC has now received an short explanation video in German.
Mopius has developed an intelligent library […]

  • NFC Forum Product Showcase

NFC interactor featured in NFC Forum Product Showcase

The official NFC Forum has created the product showcase to spread the word about the impact of NFC technologies and to spark ideas for entrepreneurs and developers. Being the most powerful NFC tool for the Windows platform, NFC interactor is an integral part of very NFC creation process. […]

  • Modern meets Retro - Gaming Hackathon

Modern meets Retro – Gaming Hackathon: Kinect v2 Training by Mopius

The Austrian game developer community meets this weekend at the “Modern meets Retro” – Game Development Hackathon by Microsoft, as part of an ongoing game challenge. Mopius will be part of it and introduce the brand-new Microsoft Kinect for Windows v2 to app developers, including great new features like Face HD or active infrared (IR) capabilities. […]