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We create, design, build custom iOS, Android and Windows Phone Apps that will change the way we live. Innovative new services, by making use cases more accessible and easier. We help you to learn more about proximity technologies, and to integrate it into your solutions!!
Proximity technologies are the key for accessing innovative services and connecting people. We have been working for years with NFC, iBeacon, Augmented Reality and know how to make it work for you today.Learn More
We create mobile apps that live on the edge of technology, integrate the best user experience and explore new content.Learn More
Our team includes technology trainers that spread our knowledge at developer events, hackathons, workshops and universities.Learn More

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We published apps and games to app stores. With more than 3 Million app downloads so far, we know how to successfully build and market apps around the world.

Latest News

  • nearspeak_barcelona

Mopius @ MWC

Mobile World Congress, the mobile world is traveling to Barcelona from 2-5 March 2015. Mopius is going there too. We are part of the Austrian […]

  • Mobile Developer After Work 6

Slides, Pictures and Feedback: Mobile Developer After-Work #6

The previous Mobile Developer After-Work #6 was fully booked many weeks in advance. 44 mobile developers enjoyed the magnificent view from the top floor of […]

  • Lock NFC Tags with NFC interactor on Windows Phone

Lock NFC Tags with NFC interactor 8

The latest update of NFC interactor adds one of the most vital functions for real-life NFC tag usage: write-protecting tags. The app now allows locking a tag so that its contents can never be changed again – which is what you want when you stick a tag in the public, to prevent others from overwriting or modifying your contents. NFC interactor is the first app to implement this functionality on Windows Phone. […]