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  • Playmboi

Innovating urban mobility with Mopius

The kick-off for “PlayMobi”, a project to change urban mobility behaviour in a playful and smart way, already took place in June 2014. During the upcoming two years, Mopius will be part of a project with four Austrian companies, working together in developing an integrative game concept to promote diverse individual mobility options and to motivate end users to switch to environmental friendly transportation.  […]

  • NearSpeak_CTM

NearSpeak® is now an official trademark

Our product / service NearSpeak® is now an official trademark within the European Union.

NearSpeak makes it possible to let the “Internet of Things” speak. Proximity […]

  • NFC interactor 7.1 on the Lumia 930

NFC interactor 7.1 Brings Live Tag Size and Launches Cortana

Memory is scarce on NFC tags – the new NFC interactor 7.1 update helps you optimize your contents by showing you the live message size while you compose your NFC tag contents. Additionally, the new release adds a bunch of new Windows Phone 8.1 system apps, enabling you to launch the latest features like Cortana or VPN. […]