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Near Field Communication is changing the way we live, both through new services and especially by making existing use cases more accessible and easier. We can help you to learn more about NFC and how to integrate it into your own products!
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Latest News

  • Lock NFC Tags with NFC interactor on Windows Phone

Lock NFC Tags with NFC interactor 8

The latest update of NFC interactor adds one of the most vital functions for real-life NFC tag usage: write-protecting tags. The app now allows locking a tag so that its contents can never be changed again – which is what you want when you stick a tag in the public, to prevent others from overwriting or modifying your contents. NFC interactor is the first app to implement this functionality on Windows Phone. […]

  • netidee2014

Nearspeak supported by Netidee

Netidee, an initiative by the Internet Foundation Austria, is Austria’s largest┬áInternet promotion campaign. Every year, it innovative projects related to Internet topics. Many creative ideas […]

  • CiscoEIR

Cisco and Pioneers Innovation Challenge Top 50

The Cisco EIR Program, launched in the USA in August 2013 and in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia (EMEAR) in July 2014, aims to nurture early-stage startups working on the next big idea for the Internet of Everything (IoE). We have undergone a rigorous multi-phase selection process to get to the Top 50 out of 350+ global companies. […]